Monday, July 11, 2011

Sorting is TOTALLY slow going........

Molly has been cleaning circles around my sorting! Tomorrow we set up the yard permitting. It is great having her here :)
Now I am off to clean up the kitchen and bed. Molly has spent so much time in the Eastern Time Zone this year that she adapts very quickly and is up quite early. More news soon!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Molly's back in Michigan; Aaron is leaving.......giggles

No, not because Molly is here. Aaron and Karen are at a race in KY.

Molly got in about 8:15 PM last night and Aaron and Karen left about 9:30 this ships that pass in the night. They will hook up on Sunday night again for a week of getting ready for the reunions.........Class of 1991 and Heimerdinger Family.

Gotta go....catch more on Facebook or Molly's blog!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

At LAST.... I can get to the bean bag chairs ....

Is it HALF yet?!?!
I tell you....scooping the beads out a handful at a time I should be at least half by now!
Mission accomplished!
I volunteered to wash these bean bag chairs for Devin and Denver way back on June 5th when we 'scrubbed down' and 'washed up' the apartment so it would be ready for Devin when he got home. I actually only had the red one at first, later Amanda found the blue bag and I bought more 'beans' to re-stuff the chairs once I got them laundered.

Finally, ready to start the process.....I couldn't figure out how to get the bags unzipped. No 'pull' on the zipper. Ashley originally stuffed the bags so I called her. She was doing her "Sleeping Beauty" thing and was less than coherent! On Sunday I took one of the bags to Farmers' Market and Ashley helped me figure it out.

Ok, the bags are empty, washed, and I am ready to re-stuff them. My objective was to do that with as little mess as possible. I did manage that but it took me , seemingly, forever! First I was using my hand to scoop beads out of that large bag because it was not practical for one person to 'pour' them into the chair. Scoop, scoop, scoop......there has got to be a better way! I decided on a glass 4-cup measuring vessel. Scoop, scoop, about twice as much at a time! At least I think I can see the bag of beads getting emptier.....LOL

So, it's done now and I am going to deliver them tomorrow when I watch those boys while Amanda and Scott work. Oh........better put them in the car so I don't forget.....!

RE-purpose, RE-cycle, RE-turn, RE-lease, RE-use, RE-move

No matter how you say it, being GREEN is a big job. I have to admit I had gotten away from it over the past couple months. Today though is the day to 'get back' to where I belong (hey, isn't there a Beatles song with those words in it?)

Out of the shed yesterday I removed two huge bags of recycle stuff. Today I will make a trip to the Center, behind Leoni Township building, to deposit those items and plenty more collected from around the house.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Feeling Sporty? Give this a try.......

Match the movie title to the sport:

1. The Color of Money
2. Tin Cup
3. National Velvet
4. Breaking Away
5. Blue Chips
6. The Stratton Story
7. The Freshman
8. Fat City
9. Cool Runnings
10. Days of Thunder

A. Basketball
B. Four-man Bobsled
C. Pool
D. Horse racing (Steeplechase)
E. Boxing
F. Stock car racing
G. Golf
H. Football
I. Bicycle racing
J. Baseball

Answers are in Comments so don't peek until you have made your choices :)

Tall Weeds First......

wasn't long before one of them caught on to the fact that no matter how many tall weeds you pull there are always 'tall' weeds.......giggles.

Ok, so maybe I mislead them a little ....... but they were really good sports about it and did a fine job! What is more, they said they are going to keep helping pull weeds throughout the Summer.

Before they were pulling weeds they helped me organize the floor space in the shed. Again, they did a fine job. I put them to pulling weeds while I swept the floor to put things back. Aaron has grandiose plans for organizing and finishing the shed later in the year. With his layout, what we did today, and the yard sale that is coming up, it should be looking good before Winter. Well, it's a good start anyway.

Guest Bowler Here Today!

Great Grandma stopped by this morning and was invited to bowl on the Wii. Here is the result:
Great Grandma showed them how to pick up spares.
Stephen has been 'burning up the lanes' for the last couple days (ever since I 'helped' him wamp on Jorden!)
Meet 'Team Great Grandma'